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Our Professional Fulfillment and Logistics Services


At Capital Fulfillment & Finishing, we have more than 40 years of experience providing innovative storage solutions for new and established businesses. When you contact us for your unique warehousing needs, we’ll perform a custom consultation to help satisfy your storage and fulfillment requests. Our warehouse offers more than 280,000 cubic feet of food-grade space that is safe, clean, and secure. We can also perform cross-docking and efficiently meet your needs from small to large orders. You can rest assured that all of your short- and long-term order fulfillment and storage needs are handled with confidence.


Getting your goods from your warehouse to the desired destination with confidence is one of our specialties at Capital Fulfillment & Finishing, also known as “Pick, Pack, and Ship.” Our packaging and assembly of goods are part of our complete supply chain management. With our comprehensive fulfillment services, we can help with your product displays with tasks of labeling, bundling, shrink wrapping, and “pick, pack, and ship” and assembling your kits.
We’ll efficiently process small and large quantities of orders with packing, loading, assembling, and disassembling duties. Your packages will stand out above the competition with a high level of precision and care with each fulfillment request.


Here at Capital Fulfillment & Finishing, we offer a full slate of kitting services that includes a vast array of packing techniques, enabling us to fulfill all types of product orders. Our team is highly experienced in handling numerous kitting projects, from simple to complex. We utilize specialized processes of hand bindery, assembly, sub-assembly, and machine finishing processes to ensure your orders are handled with the utmost care. We treat each project at our facility as our own, guaranteeing the quality and attention your project deserves.


Keeping you and your customers in the loop with easy-to-use technology is one of our specialties with innovative e-commerce fulfillment at Capital Fulfillment & Finishing. We’re proud to offer web-based fulfillment software that gives merchants visibility and control features where you can check inventory, orders, and shipments wherever you have an Internet connection. Your orders will flow seamlessly through our Fulfillment Control Panel with software that integrates with more than 30 of the most popular shopping carts and systems. We can efficiently pick, pack, and ship your orders with unmatched accuracy for your peace of mind.


Our cross-docking efforts at Capital Fulfillment & Finishing will help you reduce warehouse costs, shorten delivery lead times, and increase order fill rates. We can easily eliminate most warehousing models' storage and labor costs by breaking down received items at the loading dock and matching them with pending orders for immediate, direct shipment to their destination.


Efficiently handling all phases in transporting goods and information from start to finish is our specialty at Capital Fulfillment & Finishing. Our logistics services involve the integration of transportation, inventory, warehousing, packaging, security, and more are always completed safely and promptly. Allow us to handle all of your shipping needs. Let us know where and when, and we’ll do the rest.

Garment Embroidery

At Capital Fulfillment & Finishing, we’re proud to fulfill the needs of various industry clients, including performing professional garment embroidery. We have an automated, highly sophisticated process of detailed embroidering that can apply stunning-looking embroidery on a wide array of items. We can easily handle small- and large-quantity orders while promising top quality, accuracy, and timely work. We can provide you with a large library of logos and artwork, or you can provide us with your custom art. We’ll be glad to duplicate your piece with impeccable accuracy.

Items We Can Embroider:

  • Caps
  • Shirts
  • Bags
  • Uniforms
  • Towels . . . and more

Screen Printing

You can make your message stand out in a big way through our professional screen-printing service at Capital Fulfillment & Finishing. We take pride in our unique marketing efforts, which put your message in front of the largest audience possible. Our team utilizes a state-of-the-art process with amazing, high-quality graphics. Our screen-printing process uses fast single-pass printing, a white under base, and vibrant color layers. Your pieces are sure to stand out and grab the attention of everyone.

Our Screen-Printing Options:

  • Apparel
  • Print Ads
  • Promotional Teams

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